Symbolism and the Meaning of Symbols

Have you ever wondered what your dreams are trying to tell you?
Have you ever walked into an art gallery and thought ‘what do all the symbols in these paintings mean’?
Do you love reading poetry but wish you understood the underlying story the poet was trying to convey?
Do you even realise that most of the Bible is symbolic – arks are not arks, days are not days, snakes are not snakes?
Our site is there to help.
Although some symbols can be personal and some even culture specific, there is a universal symbol system – a symbol system known throughout the ages and used world-wide. And our site describes the meanings of these universal symbols.
This universal system of symbols was used to convey ‘truths’ in stories and pictures that at one time could be used by people who couldn’t read. Later it was used by people who were being persecuted for their beliefs. A secret code.
Nursery rhymes use this code.
The fact that it has been constantly used and reinforced in art and in story telling mean that we are unconsciously aware it exists – which is why it is also found in dreams.
Below you will find an index to those symbols.
If you think we have missed a symbol and would like us to add it, then please contact us via the contact page of our main site.